Carefirst volunteer service is the foundation towards the building of a caring community.  Every volunteer counts and makes a difference.  Our committed and devoted volunteers contribute to the well-being and high quality of living of the seniors and those in need of Carefirst services.

Volunteer Development & coordination

Carefirst considers volunteers as valued members of our support team. We carefully select volunteers and provide them with extensive training so as to enable them to provide a high quality volunteer services to our clients.

Carefirst has an average of 800 active volunteers per year providing service in the following areas:

Caring Services

  • Chinese Bereavement Service
  • Friendly Visiting/In Home Respite Care
  • Hospice Service
  • Telephone Reassurance/Security Check
  • Transitional Care Centre

Support Services

  • Chinese Elder Abuse Prevention and Education Program
  • Form Filling
  • Interpretation
  • Tax Clinic for Seniors
  • Transportation (group activities, medical/government appointments)

Activities Services

  • Adult Day Program
  • Exercise & Falls Prevention Program
  • Fundraising/Special Events
  • Marketing / Service Promotion
  • Wellness Program/Outreaching

Office & Technical Support Service

  • Clerical work/filing
  • Concierge Desk/Reception
  • Family Health Team

Information & Enquiry

Tel : (416) 502-2323
Email: volunteer@carefirstontario.ca

Service Highlights

  • Volunteer Development & Coordination – We recruit individuals from all walks of life as volunteers to play an active role in the delivery of volunteer services that will both support our community and improve our society.
  • “Healthy Community Happy Community” Ambassador Program – Funded by New Horizons for Seniors Program, volunteers were paired up to facilitate sessions on falls prevention & home safety tips and healthy eating at our service centres, seniors apartments and other outreaching sites.
  • On-going Volunteer Training – Volunteer Department Continually offered new training programs and enhanced training content to improve volunteer knowledge and service quality to address the complex care needs of the senior community.
  • “V Corner” – Started in May, 2016, a bi-monthly gathering that provides a place and time for our volunteers to socialize and network with their peers. Initiated by the staff team, the V Corner is now led by a core group of our volunteers; in 2016/17, we have hosted 4 gatherings joined by 114 volunteers.