Family Health Team

Carefirst Family Health Team (FHT) continues to embrace the core values for quality improvements, which are embedded in the day to day operation of the FHT. Carefirst FHT moves forward with a vigourous quality management approach which ensures that mechanisms are in place to collect data, analyze the findings and measure outcomes.

  • The Quality Improvement Team and staff support the ongoing quality improvement (QI) process and are held accountable to the public for the quality of health care in Ontario. Carefirst FHT’s goal is to align the QI activities and initiatives to the Health Quality of Ontario (HQO) mandates and priorities.
  • In addition, Carefirst FHT is committed to co-design with patients in developing programs and services that meet individual needs via different avenues, such as the Client and Family Advisory Council, Patient Experience Surveys and Specialized Focus Groups.


  • Primary Health Care Services from Family Physicians
  • Specialist Clinic
  • Health Screening and Health Teaching Services
  • Health Promotion Services
  • Case Management (RN)
  • Chronic Disease Management Program
  • Diabetes Education Program
  • Individual Counseling by Registered Nurse, Dietitian and Social Worker
  • Education Group and Classes
  • Workshops
  • COPD Maintenance Program

Quality Journey

  • Increased knowledge and resources dedicated to Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC):
    • 50% increase in Hand Hygiene stations, additions in number of clinic sinks, change in pump solutions to 70% alcohol
    • Created a new clean/dirty utility room at Richmond Hill location
    • 94% of staff are compliant with hand hygiene audits
  • Use of a new Home & Safety Risk Assessment in new Home Visit Policy
  • Annual education plan with core activities such as: falls prevention, ethics, IPAC, fire drills and emergency evacuation
  • Implemented the Employee Satisfaction Survey (worklife pulse) or getting the pulse on staff work/life balance with team building
  • Staff was educated on revised Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy and Procedures in June 2016 and additional training in September 2016.

Service Highlights

  • In October 2016, Carefirst FHT undertook Primer with Accreditation Canada and had achieved 100% in Primer Accreditation. Carefirst FHT will begin the planning process in its preparation for the Qmentum Accreditation with a thorough “tracer approach” in 2018. The surveyors during the Qmentum on-site survey will assess compliance with the standards and how well key processes have been implemented throughout the organization.
  • Participation in Sub-Local Health Integration Network’s (sub-LHIN) Regions – Central LHIN Community Engagement:  Defining our Local Priorities. The outcomes of the Community Conversations were shared from the discussions with all stakeholders, patients and caregivers, and Carefirst FHT will further refine our work with the identification of priority needs within the community.
  • Participation in D2D (Data to Decisions) initiative – Carefirst FHT participated in various D2D workshops and has optimized the use of the support from the Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialists (QIDSS) and the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to better facilitate clinical documentation and outcome data capturing.