Board of Directors

Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association

Sheila Neysmith – President
Sandra Tam – Executive Vice President
Kingson Lee – Treasurer
Will Sung – Secretary
A Paul Williams
Lawrence Wong
Milton Lee
Peter Choy
Philip Ho
Shirley Ng
Linying Dong
Dr. A. Monawari

Carefirst Family Health Team

Christel Galea – Chair
Doreen Tai – Treasurer
Linying Dong
Luxmi Vasan
Elli Luy

Carefirst Foundation

Peter Choy – Chair
Stephanie Ho – Vice Chair
Matthew Wan – Treasurer
Shirley Ng – Secretary
Philip Ho
Dr. Zerlina Lim
Yan Liu
Allan Sum
Will Sung
Herman Tse
Abby Lee
Jenny Lam
YC Lee

Our Senior Management Team

Alice Mui
Director of Client Care
Edmund Kwan
Finance Controller & IT Director
Angie Saini
Director of Client Care
Ann Cheuk
Program Director
Edith Lam
Program Director
Nancy Leung
Program Director
Helen Leung