Report from Management

2017 Report from President and Chief Executive Officer

2016/2017 has been a hectic year at Carefirst as it marks the organization’s structural changes and alignment to the changing Ontario health care system due to the passing and implementation of Bill 41, Patients First Act. Carefirst has been proactive and nimble for the paradigm shift brought about by the Ministry’s system changes and priorities, which will lead to a more localized and integrated health care system, improving the client experience and delivering higher-quality care.

Carefirst undertook several structural changes, such as establishing the Client and Family Advisory Council, adding another layer of senior management, and streamlining the management’s portfolios, for the purposes of developing a more engaged and open system in working with the clients and families; and re-engineering a more accountable and efficient management/operational system within Carefirst.  In addition, Carefirst has also developed several innovative projects, such as the medical mobile unit, to meet the unique health needs of the community.  The objective is to benefit our clients/families that they have care services that are easier to access, easier to navigate, and better coordinated tthrough collaborations, partnerships and integration of services.

Throughout this annual report you will find highlights of our significant milestone developments and community partnerships to advancing quality integrated services to our clients and families.  Some of our key accomplishments are described as below:

  • Implementing Carefirst Five Year Strategic Plan 2016-2021:  Carefirst’s new strategic plan provides a solid foundation to guide the organization’s growth with five strategic imperatives. Carefirst is vigorously implanting these strategies and progressively implementing the identified imperatives, including the development of the Carefirst INTEGRATE model of care. Carefirst is privileged to share  with other organizations its experience and journey in adopting the care model in terms of the key ingredients and evidence-based outcomes. The progress of other imperatives are being tracked and communicated to the key stakeholders on a regular basis.

  • Establishing the Client and Family Advisory Council:  Carefirst is committed to provide client-and-family-centred service and looks through the lens of their clients and families. Client and family advisors play a valuable role in helping to ensure the best client experience at Carefirst. The Advisory Council is consisted of clients, caregivers and family members who can provide a client and family voice, and who partner with staff to improve experiences of care. The Council has met twice in 2016/2017 to co-design and participate in discussion that shapes facility design, policies, programs, and staff interactions, which Carefirst believes will lead to better service outcomes, and greater client and family satisfaction.

  • Pioneering the Development of a Medical Mobile Unit (MMU):  Carefirst is partially funded by the Central LHIN for the development of the medical mobile unit to serve the homebound and socially isolated seniors in the remote and underservedareas. The MMU concept originally provided critical and surgical care capability in the Whistler Athletes Village during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.  For Carefirst, the MMU is a flexible outreach health care service offering clinical support ranging from primary care to wellness health promotion and health maintenance services. Health education is a major component of the MMU, and the unit delivers clinical education everywhere it travels. Carefirst is thankful to the donors who donated generously to match the government funding in making this pioneering project possible.

  • Achieving Accreditation Exemplary Standard:  Carefirst underwent its 5th round of on-site accreditation survey which took place from June 12 to June 15, 2017.  Carefirst is accredited with Exemplary Standard and was commended by the surveyors to have gone beyond the requirements of Qmentum accreditation program.  Carefirst demonstrates excellence in quality improvement. The surveyors also highly commended Carefirst Board of Directors and senior management in providing leadership to success and growth of the organization. For Carefirst, accredited with Accreditation is a mark of pride and a way to create a strong and sustainable culture o quality and safety across the organization.

  • Partnering with Scarborough and Rouge Hospital – New Integrated Care for assisted Peritoneal Dialysis (aPD) PatientsScarborough and Rouge Hospital and Carefirst leverage on their existing partnership to develop this proactive approach to enhance the quality and integration of care for the aPD patients by improving access to the right supports at the right time and enabling patients who would otherwise not choose home PD but go onto in center hemodialysis. The partners believe that the application of this integrated model of care to the aPD programs will not only advance home dialysis, but improve the integration and quality of care for the PD patients and their families.

This year’s extraordinary achievements and newfound opportunities could not have been made possible without the passion, hard work, and dedication of our Honorary Advisors, Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders. We would like to express our appreciation for our collaborative service partners and the continuous support of our funders and donors.  As always, Carefirst continuously strives to change and further integrate to provide quality and comprehensive services to meet the essential needs of the community.


Dr. Paul Tam, President

Helen Leung,  Chief Executive Officer