Flu Immunization

Dear Patients,


Flu season is fast approaching! We want to remind you that the flu can be a severe and even fatal condition. It is even more critical to get the flu shot this year because of the pandemic. Reduce the risk of getting the flu to not mistaken its symptoms for COVID-19. The flu vaccine is safe for most people and is especially recommended for seniors and individuals with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, lung disease and heart disease. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have modified our usual flu-shot practice to ensure adequate physical distancing and provide extra cleaning and disinfection between patient visits. We will not have a drop-in flu clinic this year, and all patients will be required to make an appointment in one of two ways:


  • Online booking: visit https://carefirstontario.ca/book-online-flu-shot/, where you can make a flu-shot appointment at either the Scarborough or Richmond Hill location. Upon arrival, you will have an option to get vaccinated inside the building/ clinic or in the parking lot while remaining in your vehicle. We recommend that anyone who is getting the flu shot for the first time do so in the clinic for safety reasons. Please print and complete the consent form on the website before your visit and bring it to your appointment to reduce contact and wait time.
  • Phone booking: for those who do not have access to the internet, you can call our front desk to make an appointment with your physician. However, be aware that there may be limited availability for this option, so we encourage everyone to book online if possible.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility! We will be calling pre-booked patients to screen for COVID-19 symptoms the day before the appointment, but please do your part and only come for the flu shot if you are feeling well.

We highly encourage you to get the flu shot this year at a location convenient to you, even if it is not with us. Note that the high-dose flu shot for seniors will be available at pharmacies. If you end up getting the flu shot at another location this season, please call our clinic to inform us to keep your medical records up to date.



2020年10月 8日





  • 網上預約: 在耆暉會的網站 https://carefirstontario.ca/book-online-flu-shot/ 進行網上預約登記;首先選擇在士嘉堡 (Scarborough) 或烈治文山 (Richmond Hill) 的診所接受流感疫苗注射;為減低閣下的顧慮,今年可以選擇在指定地點停車後,留在汽車內接種疫苗。基於安全理由,如果閣下是第一次接受注射流感疫苗注射,我們建議閣下於診所內接受注射。閣下請在耆暉會網站下載及列印同意書,並攜帶填妥的同意書應診,以減少接觸和輪候時間。
  • 電話預約: 若閣下無法進行網上預約,請致電醫療中心的秘書,安排與閣下的醫生預約。請注意,因為電話預約人數有限,我們還是鼓勵大家盡量使用網上預約。


耆暉家庭醫療中心鼓勵各位接受流感疫苗注射,如閣下不考慮在耆暉家庭醫療中心進行,請到鄰近的地點接種。 藥房今年亦備有高劑量流感疫苗為市民接種。 如閣下在其它地方接種了本季的流感疫苗,敬請通知耆暉家庭醫療中心以便更新閣下的醫療紀錄。



Dr. Adrienne Yang
Dr. Alice Sy
Dr. Christina Lee
Dr. Christine Tang
Dr. Gloria Lin
Dr. Jerry Zhang
Dr. Kinsey Lam
Dr. Lesley Wu
Dr. Shraddha Krishnan