Health Promotion & Disease Prevention


In addition to primary health care, the Carefirst Family Health Team offers programs and services dedicated to health promotion and disease prevention. These programs aim to improve health and well-being through education on various health topics, teaching self-management skills, group sessions, and more. Additional information on these programs can be found below under Overview of Health Promotion Programs.

Overview of Health Promotion Programs



Smoking Cessation


The goal of this program is to help patients to reduce or quit smoking. Services provided include education, counselling, self management skills and routine follow up to help smokers quit smoking by providing access to the in house “STOP” program with free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in collaboration with CAMH.


Mental Health & Social Worker Support


This program provides high quality, accessible, and efficient counselling and/or case management services to support patients with mental health conditions or stress issues. The program is designed to enhance patient’s understanding of mental health and psychosocial wellbeing topics, including: anxiety/depressive symptoms, stress management, increase coping strategies, behavioral changes and awareness of how stress and positive thinking relates to one’s health and wellbeing.


Musculoskeletal Health & Falls Prevention


The goal of this program is to maximize mobility and physical function, reduce fall incidences, and prevent fracture for patients at risk. Service provided in this program include musculoskeletal health and fall prevention education, assessments, screening, individual interventions and group sessions.

Upcoming Events & Calendar



  • Group Sessions will be held online through Zoom and is open to the public
  • For more information, or if you want to register for a group session, please call (416) 847-8941