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RGP Resources for Care during COVID-19

RGP COVID-19 resources to support the care of older adults with frailty:

  1. COVID-19 in Older Adults (PDF) – updated information on atypical presentations and optimizing care for older adults with COVID-19.
  1. Cognitive tools for virtual care (PDF) – commonly used cognitive tools (MoCA, MMSE. RUDAS and mini-CoG) with the visual parts blown up for easy use during virtual assessments. Developed by Dr. Terumi Izukawa, MD, FRCPC. (This resource will not be available on our website)
  1. Family Councils Ontario Virtual Visits Toolkit (PDF) – Toolkit for any long-term care team attempting to set up scheduled video calls between older adults and their loved ones.
  1. CLRI Supports for LTC Team Members (Web page) – COVID-19 mental health supports for LTC teams, resources for residents, compassionate communication modules, and more from the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research, & Innovation (CLRI).
  1. DementiAbility Messaging/Memory Supports (Web page) – This document (available in MS Word on the webpage) includes a variety of COVID-19 messages for individuals living with dementia. There are also templates that can be modified for your organization.
  1. Activities for older adults living with Dementia (PDF) – A guide to online resources for those providing care for people with dementia. UK resource developed by Health Innovation Network South London. May provide inspiration for staff in LTC.
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