Family Health Team

Carefirst Family Health Team (FHT) continues to embrace the core values for quality improvements, which are embedded in the day to day operation of the FHT. Carefirst FHT moves forward with a vigourous quality management approach which ensures that mechanisms are in place to collect data, analyze the findings and measure outcomes.

  • The Quality Improvement Team and staff support the ongoing quality improvement (QI) process and are held accountable to the public for the quality of health care in Ontario. Carefirst FHT’s goal is to align the QI activities and initiatives to the Health Quality of Ontario (HQO) mandates and priorities.
  • In addition, Carefirst FHT is committed to co-design with patients in developing programs and services that meet individual needs via different avenues, such as the Client and Family Advisory Council, Patient Experience Surveys and Specialized Focus Groups.


  • Primary Health Care Services from Family PhysiciansCarefirst Family Health Team
  • Specialist Clinic
  • Health Screening and Health Teaching Services
  • Health Promotion Services
  • Case Management (RN)
  • Chronic Disease Management Program
  • Diabetes Education Program
  • Individual Counseling by Registered Nurse, Dietitian and Social Worker
  • Education Group and Classes
  • Workshops
  • COPD Maintenance Program



Carefirst Family Health Team strives to improve the health of patients and families by providing culturally sensitive and holistic primary health care services. Our team of multidisciplinary professionals deliver timely, accessible, and patient and family-centered care in collaboration with our community partners.


To become a leader in innovation and promote high quality, integrated primary health care that responds to the changing needs of patients and families.


Patient and Family-Centered Care: We plan, deliver, and evaluate care based on mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with patients and their families.

Patient Engagement: We engage with patients and their families to define their needs, make decisions, and take action to improve their health.

Cultural Sensitivity: We view all people as unique individuals and recognize that their experiences, beliefs, values, and language have an effect on how they interact, learn, and behave.

Collaborative Team Approach: We believe that each of us is enriched when we are able to work in collaboration to achieve shared goals.


Carefirst FHT Strategic Plan

Enhanced Safety and Quality of Care

Commit to enhancing the safety and quality of care by:

  1. Improve communication and coordination across programs/services
  2. Maintain the integrity of patient information according to privacy and related legislation
  3. Enhance patient’s capacity for self-management of chronic diseases
  4. Improve awareness among patients and families about programs and services
  5. Enhance staff competency in providing related supports to patients and using evidence-based approach

Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Invest in strategic partnerships and alliances as to respond to the needs of complex clients by:

  1. Provide comprehensive and integrated care for patients with complex care needs
  2. Support and facilitate patient knowledge related to programs and services accessibility
  3. Enhance service and scope of care for patients through community partnerships
  4. Provide comprehensive falls prevention programs for patients using an integrated approach
  5. Utilize standardized tools to assess needs of complex clients, that is uniformly used among external service providers

Improved Client Experience and Outcomes

Improve experience and outcomes for our clients by:

  1. Improved use of EMR
  2. Implement strategies to facilitate urgent patient needs
  3. Respond to patient needs at underserved geographic areas
  4. Provide outreach and mobile health promotion services to patients in underserviced areas
  5. Ensure patients receive timely and adequate follow up


Carefirst FHT Strategic Plan 2016-2019 Dec 28 2018Accreditation Canada Logo

Quality Improvement Plan 2018-2019

Patient Satisfaction Survey Report July 2018

CAREFIRST FHT Incident and Complaint Dashboard 2018-2019 Q2

Carefirst Family Health Team has a full or part-time staffing strength of Physicians, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurse, Medical Receptionists and Administration staff.

Current Physicians:

  • Dr. Christina Lee (Lead Physician)
  • Dr. Lesley Wu
  • Dr. Alice Sy
  • Dr. Kinsey Lam
  • Dr. Jerry Zhang
  • Dr. Christine Tang
  • Dr. Adrienne Yang
  • Dr. Shraddha Krishnan
  • Dr. Y. Gloria Lin

Diabetes Education Program:

  • Lai Nam Yip (RD)
  • Jennifer Au (RD)
  • Andy Chiu (RN)


  • Xiaoping Jin

Registered Nurses/Registered Practical Nurses:

  • Sue Su
  • Yina Xing
  • Maria Yim
  • Hilary Lau
  • Serinna Shen
  • Vivi Yang
  • Summer Ruan
  • Louise Poon
  • Selina Feng

Social Workers:

  • Ruichun Tang
  • Amanda Lee

Medical Receptionists:

  • Fanny Hui
  • Rathini Baskaran
  • Jun He
  • Saphine Lee
  • Chloe Chen
  • Rita So
  • Joanna Ou
  • Macy Yuan
  • Milly Jian

Office Manager:

  • Chris Zhu

Executive Director:

  • Tamara Belfer