Specialist Clinic

Expansion of Carefirst Specialist Consultation Clinics

Carefirst is pleased to announce that we have expanded our Carefirst Specialist Consultation Service at our Scarborough location. Our Carefirst Specialist Consultation Service has a number of experienced physicians of different specialties to provide medical consultation services at Carefirst. The location of the Carefirst Specialist Clinic is as follows:

Carefirst One-Stop Multi-Services Centre
2nd Floor,  300 Silver Star Blvd.,
Scarborough, ON M1V 0G2
Tel: 416-847-8940   Fax: 416-646-5109

Our Specialist Clinic offers consultation services in the following areas:

Cardiology Dr. Chi- Ming Chow (MDCM, MSc, FRCPC)

Allergy  Dr. Albert Yeung (MD, FRCPC, CCFP)

Optometry  Dr. Allyson Tang

Internal Medicine  Dr. Gunjan Vador (MD,FRCPC)

Endocrinology  Dr. Alice Cheng (MD,FRCPC)

Nephrology  Dr. Andrew Wong

Obstetrics/gynecology Dr. Jevan Ko (MD, FRCSC)

Geriatrics Dr. Grace Leung (MD,FRCPC); Dr. Stephanie Siu (MD,FRCPC); Dr. Eric Wong

Thoracic Dr. Ching Yeung

Chiropody  Shirley Cheung; Calvin Chui

Hearing / Care  Sara Jiang of Canadian Hearing Society

Med Check  Martina Siu (RPh, CED)

We hope the expansion of Carefirst Specialist Clinic will enhance our patients’ easy access to the different specialities. Speak to your Family Physician at Carefirst Family Health Team for more information and referrals to the Carefirst Specialist Clinic.