Carefirst Family Health Team has a full or part-time staffing strength of Physicians, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurse, Medical Receptionists and Administration staff.

Current Physicians:
  • Dr. Christina Lee (Lead Physician)
  • Dr. Lesley Wu
  • Dr. Alice Sy
  • Dr. Kinsey Lam
  • Dr. Jerry Zhang
  • Dr. Christine Tang
  • Dr. Adrienne Yang
  • Dr. Shraddha Krishnan
  • Dr. Y. Gloria Lin


  • Xiaoping Jin
Registered Nurses/Registered Practical Nurses:
  • Hilary Lau
  • Louise Poon
  • Agnes Wong
  • Yina Xing
  • Summer Ruan
  • Nikki Chen
  • Sally Chin
  • Serinna Shen
  • Maria Yim
Registered Dietitians:
  • LaiNam Yip
  • Francesca Chee
Social Workers:
  • Ruichun Tang
  • Amanda Lee
  • Kitty Lo