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Carefirst's COVID-19 Protocol

Precautionary Protocol for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
For everyone’s safety, Carefirst is implementing the following safety measures for your attention and kindly cooperation:
The number of countries reporting cases of COVID-19 continues to change on a daily basis. Please observe the followings:
1. Anyone who has travelled outside of Canada should:
– Self-isolate for 14 days after the return to Canada and monitor themselves for symptoms during this period.
– People who are self-isolating should not go out.
2. In order to ensure a safe and secure environment, we ask patients and clients to
– Pre-book any medical/service appointment with Carefirst.
– Answer health screening questions one day before the appointment.
– Arrive on time for any appointment.
– Arrive on site with own mask and follow infection control measures including performing hand hygiene, answering screening questions and having their temperature taken at the main entrance.
– Wait at the designated waiting area until it is time for their appointment or until the care team is ready to receive them.
– Been seen / assessed at a designated area by a nurse or physician if a Carefirst Family Health Team patient answers “yes” to any of the screening questions
– Come no more than 10 minutes for the social recreation program before the program start time and leave right after the program is finished.
– Be advised to leave the premises and program space and to seek medical advice immediately if not a Carefirst Family Health Team patient
3. One patient / client policy
– Patient / client will be seen by health care provider on her / his own. The caregiver accompany patient / client will be invited to wait at the designated area.
4. Wear facemasks at all time in Carefirst premises and program spaces
– Exceptions only include: children under the age of two, individuals with a medical condition that makes it difficult to breathe.
– Be advised to leave the premises and program space without wearing facemask
5. No entry into the premises and program spaces if anyone refuse to answer the self-screening questionnaire.
6. Please follow all the signs and instructions of the premises and program spaces

We are dealing with a new and unknown virus with potentially high infection rates and severe consequences, and we have an obligation to keep our staff, volunteers, clients/patients, caregivers and the community safe.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the Carefirst community a safe environment for all!

為了應對新型冠狀病毒, 耆暉正實施以下安全措施保護每個人:
1. 任何在加拿大境外旅遊的人都應該:
– 在返回時自我隔離14天
– 自我隔離的人在返回加拿大後14天內不應外出及自我監測是否有新型冠狀病毒的症狀
2. 為了確保安全的環境,耆暉要求:
– 所有患者及服務使用者需要預約診症及服務時間。
– 在預約的前一天回答健康篩查問題。
– 患者/服務使用者準時到達(不要過早到達)。
– 患者/服務使用者到達時需要戴上自己的口罩,並遵從感染控制措施,包括:在正門入口處以消毒洗手液洗手、回答篩查問題和測量體溫。
– 患者/服務使用者在指定的等候區等候,直到他們預約服務的時間,或直到護理團隊準備好接見他們。
– 如果家庭醫療中心的患者對任何篩查問題回答「有」,他/她會在特定的區域由護士或醫生進行評估。
– 參加社交娛樂節目活動組員在活動開始之前不超過10分鐘前到達,並在活動結束後盡快離開。
– 如果其他服務使用者對任何篩查問題回答「有」,職員將要求他/她不要參加活動,並立刻尋求醫療建議。
3. 一個病人 / 客戶政策
– 個別病人/客戶將由醫護/ 工作人員接見,陪同人士請在指定區域等候。
4. 在耆暉場所和活動範圍內,所有人士都需要戴口罩
– 例外情況包括 : 兩歲以下兒童、身體狀況不佳、難以呼吸的個人。
– 如到訪人士不願意戴口罩,將會被建議離開中心及活動範圍。
5. 如果到訪者拒絕回答自我篩查問卷,將會被拒絕進入耆暉的服務中心。
6. 請按照及遵守場地和活動範圍內所有指示和說明。

我們正在應對一種新型及高感染率和嚴重後果的未知病毒,我們有義務保護我們的員工、客戶/ 病人和社區的安全。


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Carefirst Fit-a-thon

JULY 1, 2020 Lace up for the Carefirst Fit-a-thon (Charity Walk for Health) this summer and join us as we continue to take on the monumental task of ensuring a quality and enriched life for seniors.

In light of the pandemic, we cannot physically participate together in the Annual Charity Walk this year. However, we can still come together virtually to raise funds while staying active and healthy by participating in the Carefirst 2020 Fit-a-thon.

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OnCare Carefirst Online Charity Concert

OnCare Carefirst Online Charity Concert by RedKey Music Group:
Date: Sunday, June 21, 2020 – Fathers’ Day
Time: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

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