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Funded by Central and Central East LHINs, Carefirst is committed to offering a “Holistic Care for Seniors” program for high-risk seniors who are frail or cognitively impaired while able to live in their own home safely with or without family support. This comprehensive and diverse program serves not only to fulfill the seniors’ daily needs, but also to provide them a care continuum in the community.

Assisted Living Services (ALS) is a “Holistic Care for Seniors” program to provide core services to those eligible seniors. Core services include:

  • Personal Support Services
  • Homemaking Services
  • Security or Reassurance Services
  • Care Coordination

Assisted Living Services Hub

Care Coordination

The Client Service Coordinator (CSC) uses Carefirst’s INTEGRATE Model of care to intensively case manage client’s unique needs incorporating a client- and family-centred framework to meet the various needs of the high-risk seniors. Also, Carefirst’s Assisted Living Service applies interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team base approach to enable easy access for the seniors and their caregivers through a network of services and a continuum of “wrap around” care.

A Basket of Community Support Services includes:


  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Transportation
  • Adult Day Program
  • Meals-on-Wheels
  • Friendly Visiting
  • Interpretation and Escort

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Personal Support & Homemaking

  • Personal Support: personal hygiene, dressing, assisting with ambulation and monitoring medication use
  • Homemaking: meal preparation, light house-cleaning, laundry, essential grocery shopping, etc.

Security Checks/In-home Respite

  • Security checks/reassurance services including visits to assure client health and safety
  • Services will be delivered on a scheduled basis to address the individual needs of seniors and ensure their well being
  • Unscheduled services can be arranged for emergency basis

For those frail, cognitively impaired and socially isolated seniors who have the complex care needs while living in approved geographic service areas.

For more information on Assisted Living Services, please contact:
Tel    : 416-502-2323
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Service Objectives

  • Using Carefirst’s INTEGRATE Model for care in coordinating a basket of community services to enhance seniors remain safely at home
  • Reduce unnecessary and/or avoidable hospital/ER visits
  • Reduce unnecessary and/or avoidable Long-Term Care home admissions

Service Highlights

  • The Assisted Living Team has a strong belief in adopting the Integrated Care Model together with implementation of a Coordinated Care Plan (CCP) will make a success of the program. The team has managed 240 CCPs in 2016/2017.
  • Through intensive case management and care coordination, Assisted Living Services has serviced over 400 clients in Scarborough and York Region, who can access to a continuum of other primary health care services, such as chronic disease management programs, foot care services, health maintenance programs, to support the seniors’ independent living in the community.
  • CSCs closely monitor and assess the seniors’ conditions on a regular basis and take prone action appropriately. CSCs implement Client and the family-centred framework to coordinate care while strengthening the bond and network of the family.