Community Support Services

The Community Support Services have adopted client and family centered approach by using standardized assessment tool to identify the individual’s care needs and formulate the service goals.  The service users were provided with case management, ongoing assessment and intervention, service navigation and provision. The basket of services includes Client Intervention and Assistance, Friendly Visiting and Telephone Reassurance/Security Check, Escort & Interpretation, Information and Referral, Bereavement Counseling, and Elder Abuse Prevention and Intervention.

Service Highlights

  • Undertook over 1,000 intake assessments or reassessments for high risk seniors who were encountering significant life changes.
  • Supported over 775 seniors/caregivers in relieving personal difficulties, and strengthening of coping abilities and connectedness with community.
  • Provided over 6,750 information and referrals through telephone and/or face-to-face enquiries.
  • Outreached over 3,000 seniors/caregivers residing in Toronto, York Region and Mississauga areas to equip them with elder abuse education through 48 workshops, 4 symposiums, and 7 support groups.
  • Actively engaged 113 bereaved service users to join the linguistically and culturally specific Bereavement Network to provide and receive ongoing peer mutual support to deal with the loss in life.
  • Received overwhelming positive client experience in service utilization. with 95 % of client indicating excellent or very good responses as a service user.