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The Wellness Club

The Wellness Club Program provides exercise & falls prevention classes, social and recreational activities, congregate dining program, educational workshops and community outreaching to promote and help the 50+ cohort to stay healthy, active and well-connected with the community.  It also paves the way for the retirees to contribute meaningfully to programs as volunteer instructors, speakers and peer leaders.

  • Has a membership of 1,800
  • For age 50 and up
  • Annual Fee at $28 (April 1 – March 31)

Carefirst Wellness Club provides the following programs and services:

Community Exercise and Falls Prevention Program

Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care through the LHINs (Central East, Central and Toronto Central), for seniors over the age of 65 and have valid OHIP Health Card.

Seniors’ exercise classes focus on improving and maintaining functional performance through strength and balance to prevent injury and falls. Falls prevention classes provide seniors with education on how to reduce the risk of falling, in addition to weight bearing and balance exercises.

Carefirst provides chair-based exercise, Tai Chi, Qigong, Line Dance and Chair Yoga.

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Social And Recreational Activities

Wellness Club offers a range of social/recreational activities and wellness education to allow our members to stay active, involved and stay healthy. Programs ranging from arts and craft, dance, fitness, culinary, calligraphy, IT program and wellness educations.

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Congregate Dining Programs

Congregate Dining Programs provide dining opportunities for members to socialize and take part in organized activities.


It is a structured half-day program that provides care in the following component: exercise, activities and a nutritious lunch. Meals may consist of restaurant meals or catered meals at clients own cost. The program is offered throughout the week.

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Community Outreach

Carefirst makes our support services available and accessible by reaching out to the seniors across the Greater Toronto Area and its surrounding areas. This involves liaising and collaborating with Community Housing, community organizations, faith groups, municipal governments at various locations: libraries and community centre as well as property management of private condominiums.

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