Carefirst volunteer service is the foundation towards the building of a caring community.  Every volunteer counts and makes a difference.  Our committed and devoted volunteers contribute to the well-being and high quality of living of the seniors and those in need of Carefirst services.

Youth Leadership & Volunteer Development

Carefirst considers volunteers as valued members of our support team. We carefully select volunteers and provide them with extensive training so as to enable them to provide high quality volunteer services to our clients.


Click Here for the volunteer application procedure and volunteer pathway in Carefirst.

Carefirst has an average of 800 active volunteers per year providing service in the following areas:

Caring Services

  • Chinese Bereavement Service
  • Friendly Visiting/In Home Respite Care
  • Hospice Service
  • Telephone Reassurance/Security Check
  • Transitional Care Centre

Support Services

  • Chinese Elder Abuse Prevention and Education Program
  • Form Filling
  • Interpretation
  • Tax Clinic for Seniors
  • Transportation (group activities, medical/government appointments)

Activities Services

  • Adult Day Program
  • Exercise & Falls Prevention Program
  • Fundraising/Special Events
  • Marketing / Service Promotion
  • Wellness Program/Outreaching

Office & Technical Support Service

  • Clerical work/filing
  • Concierge Desk/Reception
  • Family Health Team

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This program is designed to effectively address the immigrant youth’s needs for adjustment, personal development, social inclusion and community participation.

Program Goals:

  • Enhance youth’s integration with the community
  • Improve youth’s communication, team building and problem solving skills
  • Cultivate volunteerism in the youth cohort
  • Promote leadership and volunteer opportunities

Program Activities:

Youth Volunteer Leadership Training Program – 5-day intensive training program for high school students (click here to find out more).

Program focus:

  • Geriatric Care: understanding physiological and psychological changes with aging, safe transfer skills
  • Personal & Professional Skills: communication, team building, healthy cooking/nutrition, self-care, First Aid/CPR
  • Community Involvement & Program Development: plan and lead recreation activities for seniors, earn volunteer hours, explore careers by volunteering at different service departments

Carefirst Youth Club (click here for this month’s event).

Volunteer Handbook (click here, password required)

The “V” Voice – Volunteer Newsletter (click here)

Upcoming Volunteer Trainings (click here)

Carefirst Wellness & Volunteers on YouTube Channel (click here)

National Volunteer Week 2020 (click here)

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Information & Enquiry

Tel : (416) 502-2323
Email: volunteer@carefirstontario.ca