Supportive Housing Services

Carefirst Supportive Housing Services are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, providing services to seniors residing in two Seniors Housing Apartments as follows:


Alexandra Park Seniors’ Apartment
91 Augusta Ave., Suite 707
Toronto, ON M5T 2L2
Tel: (416) 603-0909
Fax: (416) 603-0436

Tam O’Shanter Seniors’ Apartment
3825 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 902
Scarborough, ON M1T 3P6
Tel: (416) 291-1800
Fax (416) 291-9586

Services Include

On-site Supportive Services
Provide assistance with activities of daily living according to individual needs including personal care (e.g. bathing), home-help (e.g. housekeeping) and other services (e.g. interpretation).

Emergency Response
Provide immediate support or assistance to the client during emergencies.

Case Coordination Services
Monitor and evaluate the service delivery, develop individualized care plan, and arrange delivery of other appropriate services.

Personal Wellness Promotion
Plan and organize wellness program, health promotion program, recreational and social activities to the seniors.

Service Highlights

  • Carefirst’s Supportive Housing Program continues to offer support to seniors in the community. Clients are provided with assistance with activities of daily living like bathing and instrumental activities of daily living like meal preparation and housekeeping to enable them to live independently for as long as possible. Clients have access to the on-site Carefirst staff. Clients are also encouraged to participate in activities that can enhance their quality of life such as Adult Day Programs and wellness programs to reduce the risk of social isolation.
  • Every Supportive Housing client is involved in the formulation of a Coordinated Care Plan (CCP) based on their individualized, unique needs in collaboration with their Client Service Coordinator and other staff involved in their care such as Personal Support Workers (PSWs). These CCPs outline important information about the clients’ medical history and most importantly, what their goals are for care. The Supportive Housing team then leverages other community resources to assist the client in achieving these goals.  The CCPs are revisited on a regular and as needed basis to ensure that the right services are in place to support the client in the community.
  • In 2016-2017, 137 CCPs were reviewed and updated. In assisting their clients to continue to thrive in the community, the Supportive Housing Team made referrals on behalf of their clients for a variety of programs including Adult Day Program, Wellness and Chronic Disease Management Programs, GAIN Team, Transportation and Transition Care Centre. For those clients without a family doctor, referrals were also made to Carefirst’s Family Health Team.