Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2022 – 2027


Strategic Objectives


To build stronger, equitable, more inclusive, caring communities, we will:





Advocate for and engage clients, care partners and grassroots communities as agents of change as well as service beneficiaries.




Strengthen human resources.


(a) Be the employer of choice for meaningful work.


(b) Build leadership capacity and succession planning.




Strengthen strategic partnerships.




Ensure financial sustainability.




Expand awareness and knowledge of Carefirst and its impact.




Modernize technology and innovate to remove physical and social barriers to access.

Strategic Plan 2016 – 2021

The new 2016 – 2021 strategic plan was developed at an important moment in Carefirst’s history.  In October 2015 Carefirst moved into its long planed new quarters.  The building on Silver Star Blvd was conceptualized, designed and built by the Carefirst community.  This innovative multi-service centre was the culmination of a decade of planning and fund-raising. Its opening marks a new era for Carefirst.  This Strategic Plan reflects the vision that underlies the development of a Multi-Service Centre that can provide an exemplary Integrated Model of Care based on the successful PACE model replicated extensively in the United States.


Strategic Planning Process
Carefirst’s strategic plan is the result of a very thorough assessment, consultation, analysis and discussion process led by our Strategic Planning Working Group consisting of an external consultant, Board and staff members with the involvement of all relevant stakeholders. From the deliberations and consultations throughout the planning process, a number of strategic imperatives were identified and prioritized.

Strategic Imperatives

Imperative #1: Develop a New Carefirst Business Model based on the PACE Model for Promotion of Integrated Care

  • Establish through performance indicators that the PACE based model implemented by Carefirst is capable of meeting the MOHLTC expectations for high-quality, cost effective integrated community-based care.
  • Promote the new Carefirst Business Model as a publicly recognized integrated care model that works in Ontario, specified in terms of key ingredients and evidenced based outcomes.

Imperative #2: Promote Organizational Health as the Greatest Opportunity for Improvement and Competitive Advantage

  • Demonstrate that Carefirst cares for its staff’s work life balance and HR communications as much as it does for its clients, through adapting leading-edge human resources, policies and practices.
  • Build a robust succession planning program that emphasises current talent development and increases the availability of experienced and capable employees to meet future leadership needs.

Imperative #3: Develop a Comprehensive and Effective Marketing & Rebranding Strategy for Carefirst and Its Services

  • Reinforce Carefirst’s positioning in the home and community care sector by leveraging the new business model.
  • Establish Carefirst as a leader in innovative home care practices amongst clients, funders and other service providers.

Imperative #4: Diversify and Broaden the Revenue Base to Enhance Organization’s Capacity

  • Seek business partnerships to complement and augment the resource base so as to enhance Carefirst’s capacity and efficiency in service delivery.
  • Develop social productive enterprises that are relevant within Carefirst’s mandate and jurisdictions to broaden the funding sources as well the service scopes for the benefit of clients and caregivers.

Imperative #5: Expand Development of Strategic Alliance and Selective Partnering to Enhance Social Impact

  • Develop a matrix of strategic alliances and collaborative service partnerships to enhance the development of integrated care.
  • Explore and open new forms of partnerships to gain access to new service opportunities.