Accredited with Exemplary Standing

Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association has been participating in the Accreditation Canada Qmentum accreditation program since 2004. For fiscal 2022/23, it is the sixth round for Carefirst to have another rigorous evaluation survey, this time conducted in a hybrid manner (on-site and virtual).  The accreditation exercise helps organizations strengthen their quality improvement efforts by identifying what they are doing well and where improvements are needed.


The hybrid (on-site and virtual) surveyor team, during their visit from June 6-9, 2022, assessed the leadership, governance, programs and services against Accreditation Canada requirement for quality and safety. The surveyors looked for risk factors such as the service complexity of the organization, client flow, and issues or concerns that may have happened during the accreditation cycle.


Results from all of these components were considered in the accreditation decision.  Carefirst has obtained an outstanding average for the total average score of meeting the criteria set by Qmentum accreditation program.  Carefirst is commended on its commitment to improve quality and safety and has attained the highest level of performance, achieving excellence – accredited with exemplary standing.  Carefirst will continue to improve in all of the areas, with an emphasis on strengthening internal communication, client-and-family engagement and using technology to communicate.

Some observations from the surveyor team

  • The membership of the dynamic board brings excellent qualifications, knowledge, life experience, passion and commitment to the integrated model of care.
  • Carefirst has fostered an excellent rapport with its community partners, other local community support service organizations and local businesses.
  • Carefirst uses the results of client feedback mechanisms to help identify gaps and develop amelioration strategies.

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