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  • York Region COVID-19 Voluntary Isolation Centre
York Region has a COVID-19 Voluntary Isolation Centre, available to residents facing complex barriers who may otherwise be unable to safely self-isolate away from others in their household. There is no cost for eligible residents to stay at the Centre and the stay is entirely voluntary. Learn more at
Financial Supports Also Available
If you need financial assistance in order to take 10 to 14 days off work to self-isolate, you may be eligible to receive emergency financial assistance for paying rent, utilities and food.
Call Access York at 1-877-464-9675 ext. 72500 (TTY 1-866-512-6228), or email to find out if you are eligible to self-isolate at the Centre and/or receive additional supports during your self-isolation period.
COVID-19 Virtual Health Education Series

Staying Resilient During The Pandemic By Hong Fook (click to open)

Mental Wellness During The Pandemic by Hong Fook (click to open)

Constipation by Dr. Christine Tang (click to open)

A Tale of Two Viruses By Dr Christina Lee (click to open)

COVID 19 and Chronic Disease by Dr Chi Ming Chow (click to open)

Blood Pressure 360 (click to open)

Vision Care (click to open)

Hearing Loss & Aging (click to open)

English Episode 10 – 10 Tips from a Pharmacist (click to open)

English Episode 8 – Strategies to Work with Individuals Living with Dementia (click to open)

English Episode 7 – Safety Information for Seniors (click to open)

English Episode 6 – High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Kidney Health (click to open)

English Episode 5 – COVID19 and Diabetes (click to open)

English Episode 4 – Guide to Exercise For The General Person (click to open)

English Episode 3 – Overview of Dementia (click to open)

English Episode 2 – Stroke & Stroke Prevention (click to open)

English Episode 1 – Weight Management (click to open)

Episode 9 – Reduce Fall Risks at Home (click to open)

Episode 8 – Suggestions for Family Caregivers in the time of COVID-19 (click to open)

Episode 6 – Introduction to Diabetes Management during COVID-19 (click to open)

Episode 4 – Strategies to Communicate and Support People with Dementia (click to open)

Episode 2 – Stay Heart Healthy During COVID-19 (click to open)

Episode 1 – Cardiovascular Disease Management During COVID-19 (click to open)

Carefirst’s Coping with COVID-19 Reports

Carefirst Coping During COVID-19 Report #1 (April 15, 2020) (click to open)

Carefirst Coping During COVID-19 Report #2 (May 7, 2020) (click to open)

Carefirst Coping During COVID-19 Report #3 (May 29, 2020) (click to open)

Carefirst CSS Central Intake Line

Call 416-646-5108 to reach our community support services coordinators.

Delivery: Groceries & Medication

Service Details:

Pickup and delivery of purchased grocery within service boundary and specified stores.

Help purchase, pickup and delivery of grocery in specified stores

Medication pickup and delivery is available if mutually consented between the service users and the pharmacy stores.

Service Boundary: See attachment for details.

Cost: Co-payment

Grocery delivery $5 within 10 km ($2.5 for every additional 5 km)

Medication delivery $5 within 10 km ($2.5 for every additional 5 km)

Virtual Support & Counselling

Service Details:

Provide virtual emotional support/supportive counselling via phone call. Issues including Pandemic coping, grieving, abuse, caregiving stress, isolation, and etc.

Service Boundary: Do not apply

Cost: No cost

Personal Support Services

Service Details:

In-home personal support services including light meal preparation, light cleaning, daily living activities, personal hygiene, medication reminder

Service Boundary: Within the transportation service boundary. See attachment for details.

Cost: Co-payment: $28.5/hour for a minimum of 2 hours per visit

Telephone Safety Checks

Service Details:

Provide telephone call for safety check and social interaction in a regular schedule.

Service Boundary: Do not apply

Cost: No cost

Meals on Wheels

Service Details:

Regular Chinese hot meal, frozen Chinese and Western meal available. Hot meal delivery from Monday to Friday 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Frozen meal delivery on every Wednesday. Special and minced diet is available when needed.

Service Boundary: See attachment for details

Cost: Co-payment

Hot meal $6/meal within hot meal delivery boundary.

Frozen food $6/meal with a minimum of 3 meals/order within hot meal delivery boundary. Beyond hot meal boundary, delivery charge $2 applies within transportation boundary.

Click here to open Flyer.


Service Details:

Transportation ride to attend essential medical appointments; Visit pharmacy for medication pickup; Visit stores for grocery and/or essential supply purchase within the service boundary

Service Boundary: Within South of Bloomington Road, East of Bathurst Street, West of Tenth Line/ Markham, North of Lakeshore). See attachment for details.

Cost: Co-payment

$7.5 within 5.0 km one way; $12 for 5.1 – 10 km one way

Food Hampers

Service Details:

A FREE food basket consisting of non-perishable food items to be delivered to seniors/individuals who are isolated with financial challenges. Has to be recommended by service providers such as the care coordinators.

Service Boundary Maps

Service Boundary Maps (click to open)

On-site Programs Safety Measures

Programs & Services Updates

Notice: Programs & Services Affected by COVID-19 (click to open)

Progress Report: COVID-19 Community Emergency Response Program (click to open)

Carefirst YouTube Channels

Wellness / Volunteer Development YouTube Channel (click to open)

Mobilizing Local Love (click to open)

Carefirst Re-opening Videos

Carefirst Re-opening Video – English (click to open)

Carefirst Re-opening Video – Cantonese (click to open)

Carefirst Re-opening Video – Mandarin (click to open)

Carefirst Re-opening Video – Tamil (click to open)

FHT Health Hotline

Call 416-502-2029 to reach the Scarborough clinic.

Call 905-695-1133 to reach the Richmond Hill clinic.

FHT Virtual and Modified services

Carefirst Family Health Team Notice During COVID-19 Period (click to open)

Thank You Letter from Clients

Letter from Teresa & Joseph (20200602) (click to open)

Letter from Lina (20200529) (click to open)

Letter from Exercise Class Participants (20200330) (click to open)

RGP Resources for Care during COVID-19

RGP COVID-19 resources to support the care of older adults with frailty:

  1. COVID-19 in Older Adults (PDF) – updated information on atypical presentations and optimizing care for older adults with COVID-19.
  1. Cognitive tools for virtual care (PDF) – commonly used cognitive tools (MoCA, MMSE. RUDAS and mini-CoG) with the visual parts blown up for easy use during virtual assessments. Developed by Dr. Terumi Izukawa, MD, FRCPC. (This resource will not be available on our website)
  1. Family Councils Ontario Virtual Visits Toolkit (PDF) – Toolkit for any long-term care team attempting to set up scheduled video calls between older adults and their loved ones.
  1. CLRI Supports for LTC Team Members (Web page) – COVID-19 mental health supports for LTC teams, resources for residents, compassionate communication modules, and more from the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research, & Innovation (CLRI).
  1. DementiAbility Messaging/Memory Supports (Web page) – This document (available in MS Word on the webpage) includes a variety of COVID-19 messages for individuals living with dementia. There are also templates that can be modified for your organization.
  1. Activities for older adults living with Dementia (PDF) – A guide to online resources for those providing care for people with dementia. UK resource developed by Health Innovation Network South London. May provide inspiration for staff in LTC.
Other Hotlines Telehealth, Public Health, COVID-19 sites

TeleHealth Ontario    1-866-797-0000

Toronto Public Health    416-338-7600


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