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Adult Day Program

The Adult Day Program provides structured and supervised activities for frail or socially isolated older adults. Our goal is to enable seniors to achieve and maintain their maximum level of functioning, to prevent premature and inappropriate institutionalization, and to provide respite and support for caregivers.

Bereavement Services

This program specializes in offering professional and supportive services to bereaved individuals and families residing in Toronto and York region. This program is offered in a culturally sensitive environment and addresses the emotional needs and social support of individuals and families during the grieving process.

Carefirst Lifeline

Carefirst is proud to have partnered with Philips Lifeline to provide our community the Lifeline service. Our clients and patients can continue to live confidently and independently in their homes with the reassurance that help is available at the push of a button.

Chronic Disease Management

Carefirst Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management Centre aims to motivate and enable individuals to lead an enhanced quality of life through the provision and promotion of community-based chronic disease prevention and management services.

Elder Abuse Helpline

Carefirst plays a leadership role in advocating for the protection of our seniors, and is committed to the development and implementation of prevention strategies and programs to combat elder abuse throughout the organization and in the community it is mandated to serve.

Home Care Services

When an individual needs personal care or homemaking services, our Client Services Coordinators will make a need assessment and set up an appropriate care plan with the client and the family. All our services are delivered by trained personal care workers.

Supportive Housing Services

Carefirst Supportive Housing Services are funded by the Ministry of Health and provided at two Seniors Housing Apartments. Services include on-site and on-call support, emergency response, case co-ordination and personal wellness promotion.

Transitional Care Centre

The Transitional Care Centre is a newly established service at our brand-new facility, the Carefirst One-Stop Multi-Services Center. It is a 30-bed unit and provides an environment for recovery and respite care while simultaneously enriching the quality of life for individuals in need.

Transportation Services

We provide community transportation services for seniors and persons in need residing in Scarborough, North York, and York Region. Our experienced drivers offer comfortable transport with vans containing space for 7 & 14 passengers.