Transitional Care Centre

Location and Purposes

The Transitional Care Centre is a newly established service at our Carefirst One-Stop Multi-Services Center at 300 Silver Star Blvd. in Scarborough. Located on the third floor, it is a 27-bed unit that aims to provide an environment promoting exceptional recovery, respite care while enriching the quality of life for individuals and caregivers who are in need.

The Transitional Care Program is specifically for individuals who:

      • Are recuperating from a recent illness/hospitalization
      • Have a caregiver who requires respite time
      • Are waiting admission to a long term care home facility


Unique FeaturesTransitional Care Centre Picture 1

      • Purposely designed facility, fully furnished with emergency response system, washroom, and shower room with assistive equipment
      • Individualized care plan
      • Integrated care concept & interdisciplinary team-based approach
      • Customizable care service package
      • Access to specialist care, physiotherapy service, and pharmacy services
      • Collaboration with local hospitals and primary care providers
      • Access to community care, and social recreational programs


Regular Services

      • 24/7 nursing care to assist with medication administration, health monitoring, and care management
      • Personal support services of 60 minutes per day for assistance with daily needs such as personal hygiene, bathing and dressing
      • 3 nutritious meals and 2 snacks
      • Housekeeping services
      • Follow-up with services after discharge as needed


Regular Services Fee

      • Private Suite: $258 / person per night
      • Semi-Private Suite: $168 / person per night


Customized Care Services Package

Option to add fee-based services to enhance rehabilitation, reactivation and health maintenance include:

      • Extended personal support service
      • Physiotherapy service
      • Foot care
      • Dietitian consultation
      • Adult Day Program
      • Social work intervention for short-term and long-term care planning
      • Caregiver overnight stay

Service Highlights

Robust Partnership in Transition Patient from Hospital to Home – The partnership between the Scarborough Health Network (SHN) and Carefirst has successfully served dozens of clients with thousands of hospital admission days avoided. The goal has been to help patients transition from hospital to community safely while providing them with integrated, wrap around care to assist in their physical and functional recovery including social work, nursing, nutrition, exercise, transportation, foot care and personal support services.

Carefirst strives to provide quality care to clients and caregivers …

Patient Experience

  • 99% of residents expressed that they have received excellent quality of care in their stay.
  • 96% expressed that the team is able to answer questions and coordinate with other needed services.

Impactful Outcomes

  • 88% of residents felt they were able to recuperate and strengthen during their stay and/or post discharged from the service.
  • 93% of residents/families felt better supported as a result of their stay on the unit.

Carefirst retains the right to adjust the fee charge and breadth of services provided to ensure better quality care. Carefirst reserves the right to accept or decline client application to stay at the Transitional Care Centre.

For an application or to inquire further about the Transitional Care Centre, please contact us at:

Tel: 416–572–3840
Fax: 416–646–5114