Elder Abuse Helpline

Elders Helpline

Carefirst plays a leadership role in advocating for the protection of our seniors, and is committed to the development and implementation of elder abuse prevention strategies and programs to combat elder abuse throughout the organization and in the community it is mandated to serve.

The program is specifically designed for Chinese senior newcomers residing in Toronto, York and Peel region to disseminate information, provide coping skills and resources, and deliver direct intervention, counseling and supports that prevent elder abuse and increase safety.

This will result in enhancing individual’s social and emotional wellbeing, overall quality of life, increasing community awareness and community capacity to address the elder abuse issue.


  • Community Information Sessions (Education workshops and symposium)
  • Information and Referrals (include health care related services, community support services, referral to sources of financial assistance, legal assistance and housing support)
  • Counselling Support and Service Navigation (solution focused counselling, coping skills learning and linkage to related community support)
  • Support Group
  • Chinese Elder Abuse Ambassador (Individuals will be trained to support community education, community displays, drama presentation, answering elder abuse helpline)
  • Chinese Elder Abuse Helpline – 416-502-2321 (The caller’s confidentiality will be strictly protected)
  • Advocacy and Research Studies


Abuse means any action or inaction that

  • threatens the health or well-being of an older adult that involves the misuse of power and/or betrayal of trust, respect, or intimacy by a person against another senior,
  • the person knew or ought to have known, their action may cause physical, emotional and/or financial harm to the senior’s health, safety or wellbeing.

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Elder abuse can take the form of

  • Emotional/Psychological Abuse (such as threatening, insulting, intimidating or humiliating gestures, actions, behaviour or remarks including imposed social isolation, shunning, ignoring, lack of acknowledgment, or infantilization)
  • Physical Abuse (such as the use of physical force, hitting, shaking, punching and pushing)
  • Financial Abuse (such as withholding money, wrongful use of a Power of Attorney, fraud, theft)
  • Sexual Abuse (any consensual or non-consensual touching, behaviour or remarks of a sexual nature or sexual exploitation)
  • Neglect and Abandonment (leaving seniors without proper nutrition or medication)

Information & Enquiry

Call: (416) 502-2321
Fax: (416) 502–2382
Email: info@carefirstontario.ca

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